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Our Web Design Service builds responsive and functional websites. This means they work and look great on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. We are passionate about websites displaying correctly on all sizes of devices.  

Design & Functionality

There is more to a website than just the design. Your website is your number one asset for maintaining your presence online and your website should represent your brand as well as generate great leads and sales. 

A website should not only be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but it should flow nicely and not leave a visitor confused. 

Great rich content relevant to your business and images to grab users attention is a must for optimization and your ranking within major Search Engines, such as Google and Bing. 

Web Design Service Ohio

Our Web Design Process

We build custom websites from scratch.  The design, ease of navigation and having a great user-experience for your intended audience are always paramount throughout.  Here is our design process . . .

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Questions we are asked

Owner, Mark Tassell, has has a keen interest in web development and design since the early 2000's where he built up knowledge of web design during building websites for his own businesses in London, England.  Over this time his interest in technology, design and coding has now grown to building and coding websites for others, as Delphos Digital Web Design Service

This vastly depends on the type and size of your site. As each website we build is custom, no two sites are ever the same.  However, a simple custom website with just a few inner pages can normally be built within a couple weeks once you sign off.  More complex websites with deeper coding, setting up automatic processes, shopping carts and payment gateways are a lot more involved and require intense testing.  The timescale would be agreed and discussed with you in our proposal. 

Well-written copy and content is one of the main keys to the success of your website.  If writing and communication is not one of your strong points, we can use our many years of experience to help write and improve your content and tell your story.  If you are supplying us with your own copy, then we can proof read and edit it if required to grab reader's attention. All copy should be content-rich and keyword relevant for the Search Engines such as Google. 

Yes! If you need some images for your site in addition to photos, we can help source and purchase High Definition images from image banks under Royalty-free licence.  A budget allowance for this will be included in your quote / proposal. 

We build all of our Websites using WordPress and we will install this as part of your site build.  We have many years of expertise using this platform and it offers the most flexibility when it comes to customisation and building a site unique to a business. 

If you have had a site built by a 'third-party' and it has problems or isn't performing how it should, we would be glad to take a look. In most cases we can normally 'take over' the site and either repair and improve on it or re-build it from the bottom up. 

Yes.  We would want to take a careful look at the setup of your site before agreeing to take it over. 

Your domain name is 100% yours at all times and the content and website is yours after we launch it. 

Once we have launched your website, it doesn't stop there.  Websites need ongoing security and performance updates - in addition to fresh new content.  We can maintain your site on a regular basis after we have launched it to ensure it performs as it should and provides you a return on your investment.